From The Outset We Were Impressed With Josh

From the outset we were impressed with Josh. When he solicited us for our listing there was no high-pressure – just a great professional market analysis in an attractive binder with an offer to help when we were ready. After failing to Sell-by-Owner on Zillow, we contacted Josh and signed on with  him as our broker. He moved right in with undated market analysis, attractive signage and great advertising. Josh’s wife is a marketing expert and they arranged for a fabulous photographer to join them at the house for a photo shoot. They greatly helped us move boxes, rugs and furniture for the best photography. Josh suggested an excellent price and when the right buyer came along he advised us of the strength of the deal and steered us through all the hoops to a rapid close. We would enthusiastically recommend Josh to anyone in the Columbia Gorge and the Greater Vancouver-Portland area!